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Rosa Mystica

La Compagnia Amarilli
Pergolesi First Movement
Trailer by Ruth Rieser


The most wonderful thing for me was that she was able to accept the emotional condition and individual level of experience of everyone she worked with, and help each person to grow in a positive, natural way, with a lot of insight and humor.
She was able to choose the best way to move to the next step from among the many techniques, methods, and approaches in her wide range of knowledge.
I was impressed at how well prepared she was for every session, and at the same time she was always open-minded and flexible, allowing for new possibilities and outcomes.
Kinga Cserjési

Interview Noam Renen

Consciousness is a very shallow layer.
Noam Renen

Non v’è rosa senza spine

La Compagnia Amarilli
Non v’è rose senza spine


As a theater director Beate is able to recognize where you are, accept you as you are, and take you where you need to go with clear and confident guidance.
She can use her exceptional analytical mind, her creative imagination, and her fantastic sense of humor as powerful tools in her work with performers.
Beate has such a wide experience and understanding of many aspects of the theater arts – drama, movement, music, lighting and set design – and all this seems to inform her strong theatrical vision.
Deborah Carmichael


And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.
The Beatles
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