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I was born in Vienna, which is also the center of my life and work.
My teaching, counseling and artistic activities are inextricably linked with a several decades-long work and research process. (more)
On this path I have worked with an infinite number of teachers, students and artists, and have continually been engaging with numerous work approaches and artistic working methods.
Openness, clarity, and a strong desire to explore the human being are the forces that drive me.
Artistic activity since 1984
Individual and group lessons since 1988


The origin of my artistic activity lies in the exploration of acting, singing, and dancing. My training led me to the Franz Schubert Conservatory in Vienna, the Conservatory of the City of Vienna, the Herbert Berghof Studio in New York City, the Nikolais/Louis Foundation for Dance, Inc. in New York City, and the Erick Hawkins School of Dance in New York City, among others. (more)
I also worked with Walter Lott (Method Acting), Wayne Griffiths (Libero Canto), Gilbert Price (acting) and many others.
Directness, honesty, and openness are the foundation on which I build my artistic activity.
I see myself as an artist in all situations of life and do not measure my art by how fast or how many products I establish.
One highlight of my career was my work with the Panta Rhei Theatre as its co-director.
My current work is influenced by The Six Viewpoints by Mary Overlie as well as Authentic Movement.
Currently I am working with La Compagnia Amarilli and on my own projects.

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